Finca Casa Blanca is located in the so-called Valley of Alhorines (Arabic storehouse = barn) a large area of agricultural value for their land and climate for growing.

From the Reconquista with Jaime I the Conqueror, have disputed this territory Caudete cities, Villena and Ontinyent.

In 1245, after the Reconquista, the valley passes Caudete and in 1833 became part of the municipality of Villena until today. Although the vineyards closest town is Fontanars dels Alforins, with less than a thousand inhabitants, a feature that leads to peace and tranquility to the enclave.

Since the late nineteenth century, the Villa White House has been planted with cereals and vines. In 1968 a reform was undertaken and planted fruit trees (apple, pear and almond).

In 1986 the study began with the ground tasting the same for agricultural transformation in order to plant vines with the best varieties in the market. So the best feet Franks brought the best and most suitable clones and planting trellises and drip irrigation was performed, in order to have a regular and bumper crops in quality.

So we have extraordinary wines merlot, cabernet sauvignon special expressive syrah and others like Verdejo white and pink, with his combinations, given that sign and bouquet that characterizes our wines.

La Finca White House for its location (southeast), altitude (600-650 meters above sea level) and its proximity to the Mediterranean meets the exceptional conditions for growing vines, making wines that we develop spectacular, with such different and special that characterizes personality.

Importantly White House Farm is situated in the Greenwich meridian, like Bordeaux, and in the same altitude as the Rioja Alta.

Our Villa is attached to the Integrated Agriculture Controlled Origin.